We moved from our home base in Harrisburg, PA and ventured into the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country – Manheim in Lancaster County. It’s one thing to move your home, but moving your home and your business is a whole n’other thing! We’re glad to be here, but we’ve got to say it has been a little exhausting.

Fortunately we cut our show schedule way back anticipating that it would take us a while to make the move and deal with a changed address, phone numbers

and email addresses and getting the word out – not to mention packing and unpacking.

But here we are, and it may be that the most challenging part of the move has been getting the puppets psychologically prepared for a new home, and of course teaching them to speak a little Pennsylvania Dutch. Some of them are picking it up really fast, but a few of them, we hate to admit, are just a little slow at it.

Dudley Monster loves the sauerkraut and Clarence just can’t get enough of the scrapple. Lester, of course, is really into the shoofly pie, and Storyteller Steve is having a great time with so many people who still speak the old PA Dutch dialect.

The big news is, of course, that we have a whole new website and Facebook page, and we’ll be doing most of our communication via email as opposed to the snail mail post cards and brochures we’ve been sending over the past few years… ah technology… it’s changing everything including old puppeteers and ventriloquists and our puppets, too. Even the Amish here are computerized!