Storytelling excites our imagination and changes how we see ourselves and how we see those around us and… they’re a lot of fun!

Stories for Adults pull us out of our daily lives, weave a new world, and return us refreshed and renewed – sometimes even transformed!

And for kids living in a digital world of screens and computer games, storytelling lets them use their imaginations (rather than a game developer’s) to create whole worlds filled with wonderful, colorful characters.

For both adults and kids, storytelling is an amazing learning tool because stories are the emotional glue that connects us to a message and reshapes it into something more meaningful and memorable.

What kinds of stories does Steve tell?

Many of his stories are based on Pennsylvania Dutch culture and history. He is a “recovering PA Dutchman” who attempts to recapture parts of Pennsylvania Dutch life (as opposed to the hyper-commercialized version) which is slowly fading from our ears.


Who does he tell stories for?

EVERYONE, including:


Retirement communities, senior centers and nursing homes.

Stories about John Klump, an 85-year-old farmer, and his trials and tribulations around growing older in the 21st century:

  • Meeting his wife Esther – on a refreshment table!
  • How John and Esther stay together after 65 years – despite it all – and there is a lot of “all.”
  • John and Esther’s romantic life on the farm – as convoluted as it may be.
  • Christmas shopping at Victoria’s Secret – well maybe it’s not for everyone!



Churches and elementary school kids

He tells about Eilenshpiggel, a traditional PA Dutch trickster and teller of tall tales. Many of these tales are built around Christian themes told in an entertaining, humorous, and easily remembered way such as:

  • Eilenshpiggel tricks a covetous old man using a parade of animals.
  • Eilenshpiggel explains The Bible – through a cacophony of jokes and misunderstandings.



Everyone everywhere – Christmas stories!

  • Der Belsnickel’s visit before Christmas.
  • The true story of Saint Nicholas as told by Santa Claus himself!
  • Christmas miracles – cows talking and water turning into wine!



Take a look at this video with clips from two of John Klump’s stories.


About Steve’s storytelling experience


Steve has been a teller at the Lititz Story Telling Festival Story Swap in Lititz, PA, and at the National Storytelling Festival Swapping Ground in Jonesborough, TN. He is a member of the National Storytelling Network and The Healing Story Alliance.



Looking for a Storyteller?

Steve tells stories and tall tales as a regular part of our ventriloquism shows, but he is also available for storytelling at other times, venues, and special events on request.