Senior Moments

“Senior Moments” is a series of delightfully hilarious, clean shows for young-at-heart Golden Agers, featuring Dotti Seitz with her No Expiration Date Puppets and Pennsylvania Dutch raconteur, Steve Seitz. These fun-filled, 45-minute performances sparkle with ventriloquism sketches, storytelling, and song by members of our lovable puppet and people cast who will tickle your funny bone and keep you smiling long after the puppets have climbed back into their trunk.

Senior Moments- Still Kickin’

You’ll meet Clarence and Viola Lovejoy – a sweet old couple, still keeping the love flame alive as they swap zingers on the magic and not-so-magic moments of their 65 years together.


Luke Warmwater – an older-than-dirt indigenous elder and former Las Vegas lounge lizard who’s still got an eye and a song for the ladies.




John Klump – Steve’s Pennsylvania Dutch alter ego whose tales reflect Steve’s own odyssey of aspirations and foibles common to us all, as he comically wrestles with the conundrums of aging, cultural changes and life in the 21st century.



Chef Julia Wild – a world renowned dragon French chef, who has cut down on eating humans to only twice a week.







Senior Moments – Laughin’ at Ourselves

Laugh out loud with Dotti and Steve’s cadre of “golden age” puppets, and Pennsylvania Dutch “everyman,” John Klump, as they hilariously proclaim the message, “a cheerful heart is good medicine…!”

“Cheyenne elder, Luke Warmwater returns along with Clarence and Viola Lovejoy, bringing new crazy antics and songs. AND, we introduce the aging Li’l Red Riding Hood and the Big SAD Wolf, reunited after many fairyland years to reveal what really happened at Red’s granny’s cabin in the woods. Is a reconciliation in the works?!”



Senior Moments – Young at Heart

Full of memories, laughter, story and song that keep the audience and our over-the-hill vent-puppet and story gang young at heart. Introducing, Dotti’s puppet-granny Helen Highwater (an old flame of Luke Warmwater). Could this be the start of something new?!

Luke’s back, reminiscing about one of his favorite Las Vegas singing buddies, who the audience is sure to remember.  Of course, Clarence and Viola join the fun with more wise cracks, zingers, and a great song with the audience.



A “Venty” Merry Puppet & Story Christmas

Celebrate the joy of Christmas with Dotti, Uncle Steve, and their cast of delightful “vent” puppet characters in a comic sequence of seasonal sketches and songs, plus a great story, a Carol or two with the audience and a Biblical passage that reveals the real meaning of Christmas.



“My Funny Valentine”

Funny and tender hearted ventriloquial sketches and songs with a sweet hilarious story by Steve’s PA Dutch alter ego, John Klump. It will surely make everyone’s Valentine’s Day event memorable!