Elementary Schools

Dotti and Steve are delighted to be the puppeteers behind The Kids on the Block puppet programs, sponsored by The ARC of Dauphin County, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. These shows address Disabilities Awareness, Autism Awareness, and Bullies & School Safety. They are intended for elementary school students from second through fifth grades, in and around Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.

The Kids on the Block is an educational puppet program that enlightens children on the issues of disability awareness, medical-educational differences and social concerns. Each topic is thoroughly researched and provides children with the opportunity to interact with the “Kids” (puppets) to address their questions regarding the specific topic.

The programs are performed in a modified Bunraku puppetry style. Shows are lively and entertaining and promote positive attitudinal and behavioral change for present and future generations. The emphasis is on what kids CAN do… not what they can’t.

For more information about these programs and to book a show for your elementary school students, please contact us at Info@PuppetandStoryworks.com, or call 717-664-6486, or contact The Arc of Dauphin County directly at 717-920-2727 and ask for Ken Seeger.


Here are some of the Kids!