A series of very funny ventriloquism sketches interspersed with puppetry, interactive songs and a touch of illusion. It is based on three of Jesus’ miracles (turning water to wine, feeding of the 5,000, and bringing Lazarus back to life).

“The Great Lester” introduces Lester, a smartalichy little boy who thinks Jesus was a cool magician.

Wanting to be like Jesus, he tries to turn water to wine (rather, grape juice) using a magic trick, and learns in the process who Jesus really is and the important difference between Miracle and magic.

“Bon Apetit” takes us to the TV show of the famed dragon french chef, Julia Wild, who is featuring the recipe, “Fish & Bread for 5,000” from her new cookbook, “Oldies But Goodies From the Bible.” Can the great Julia Wild duplicate the Lord’s great Miracle?

“Lazarus, Come Forth !” brings us Tyrone, an aspiring, know-it-all, young actor who hates to rehearse for his first big role as Lazarus. Again, like the others, he totally misses the point of what Jesus accomplished with this miracle until he’s hilariously rehearsed his role for our audience.

In addition to the sketches and songs, a brief testimony is presented from our own personal experiences to reassure those who know and awaken those who don’t that God is still in the miracle business.

Watch a few clips from the show!


The Gospel According to Us

We’ve been teaching our puppet family some “Bible 101” – Christian basics that “Everybody Oughta Know.” Some of ‘em get it and some of ‘em… well….. need a little more help than others.




A “Venty” Merry Puppet & Story Christmas

Celebrate the joy of Christmas with Dotti, Uncle Steve, and their cast of delightful “vent” puppet characters in a comic sequence of seasonal sketches and songs, plus a great story, a Carol or two with the audience and a Biblical passage that reveals the real meaning of Christmas.




“More Than Bunnies, Chocolate & Eggs”

Funny ventriloquial puppet sketches, inspirational songs, and a story that reveals the true meaning and joy of the Easter/Resurrection season.





“Our Almost For His Highest”

Humorous ventriloquial sketches, songs and audience participation with a clear message about our stewardship of time, talent and treasure.



The BIG Ten

Join us for more of our crazy vent-characters, songs and story as we uncover the real meaning and joy of obeying God’s BIG Ten (commandments, that is)! A fun and memorable experience for the young and old!

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