Ye gads! The Holidays are now behind us and we haven’t even had time to put up a post until now. Well here’s our first post of 2019.

As soon as we settled into our new home and puppet studio, we got right into the Christmas spirit doing a bunch of Christmas shows. Clarence is sitting up on his shelf behind me as I write this and he’s already getting cranky being stuck up there again – arthritis in his hips you know. Have to admit that we did work him pretty hard during the Christmas shows. And of course, he’s a “bah humbug” kind of guy about the whole thing, and he always needs something to complain about anyway. He says it’s his job! Underneath it all he does really enjoy Christmas just like Viola keeps reminding him. He hates that!

Meanwhile we’re getting ready for both our Valentines show and our Easter show. Since we’re working out of our new digs, we thought we’d spruce up these shows with some new material and a lot of pizzazz.

You have no idea how long pizzazz takes – Dudley thought we were having pizza until we told him we were just writing some new material for him. He just slunk back up onto his shelf and hasn’t said a word since. He’ll get over it.

Working on the Easter show made us ask ourselves… again: “Why all the fuss about Christmas when there’s so much less done and said about Easter?” After all, the really big deal about Easter is Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection and that’s at least as important as celebrating his birth. Zoe just whispered in my ear (she up there on the shelf next to Clarence) that she thinks we should put up an Easter tree and have an Easter party with Easter carol singing and hot Easter eggs! Might not be such a bad idea, we’ll let you know if that pans out.

Meanwhile, Harold the Hark Angel has begun vocalizing and rehearsing with his divine saxophone for his special rendition of “Christ Arose” in the Easter show.  So far the neighbors haven’t complained about his squawking.

Take care for now.